Hi, my name is Brandon Perry.

I specialize in vulnerability research, exploit development (particularly web applications), and secure software development.
I have been a contributor to the Metasploit Framework for many years.

I have a Github account (report card).

I also have a blog I write in sporadically on technical things.

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonprry

I offer my services as a security researcher, if you would like your (web) applications audited (source code or black box), email: YnBlcnJ5QHZvbGF0aWxlbWluZHMubmV0Cg==

Send BTC to 1Aoc9qHyqGWrQbfPVW3ZioqaoDqFX3SBnx if you like something I did or performed some service for magic internet money.

Here are some things of mine that ended up on Exploit-DB

More specific vulns are listed on OSVDB.

I currently have some exploits for sale on ExploitHub.

I give frequent talks at AHA!

If you are looking for the OpenDiagnostics Live CD, click here.